"The Question of the Eucharist is one of the most important belonging to the history of religion."

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E. Brooks Holifield Endorses Volume 1

Posted on 23rd March, by W. Bradford Littlejohn in Volume 1. Comments Off on E. Brooks Holifield Endorses Volume 1

“John Williamson Nevin was one of the few nineteenth-century theologians whose works continue to exert influence on our own era.  No single book on sacramental thought from nineteenth century America  has attracted more attention in the past half century than The Mystical Presence.  Nevin offered a sophisticated and learned option to the sacramental theologies prevalent in the Protestantism of his own time and to conceptions of the sacrament that remain popular even today among countless Protestants.  Not only did he challenge the forms of Protestant revivalist piety popular in his own era but he also produced a work that raises profound questions about popular views of sacraments in our own time.  This new edition by Linden J. DeBie and W. Bradford Littlejohn clarifies his importance by placing his work in its American context, showing his engagement with European theologians, and locating …