About Us

The Mercersburg Research Fellowship is a loose confederation of scholars dedicated to the propagation of Mercersburg studies in the church and academy.  We believe that the Mercersburg Theology represents a unique and valuable contribution to American Christianity that should not be forgotten and merits further study.

To this end, we are overseeing the publication of the Mercersburg Theology Study Series to make Mercersburg writings more generally available both to scholars and a broader audience.  In conjunction with this project, we are also working in two major spheres to raise the profile of Mercersburg studies.

The first is this website, which shall serve as a focal point for resources related to the Mercersburg Theology, bringing together in one place for the first time links to digitally available Mercersburg primary and secondary literature, information about the history of the Mercersburg movement, and a bibliography of Mercersburg writings and modern scholarship on them.  It will also provide information about the progress of the Mercersburg Theology Study Series. This site is still in its early stages, but already we hope it will be of great value to those seeking to learn more about the Mercersburg Theology.

The second is an attempt to impact the academic community more broadly, by encouraging and coordinating the appearance of Mercersburg-related scholarship (including that done as part of the work of the Mercersburg Theology Study Series) in academic journals and at conferences.  This website will post information about any upcoming presentations by our members at academic conferences.


The following is a list of scholars currently affiliated with these projects in some way:

Dr. David Bains
Dr. Lee C. Barrett
Rev. Adam S. Borneman
Dr. Patrick Carey
Rev. Dr. Deborah Clemens
Dr. Linden DeBie
Dr. William B. Evans
Dr. Gabriel Fackre
Dr. Michael Farley
Dr. Stephen R. Graham
Dr. Arie J. Griffioen
Dr. Sam Hamstra, Jr.
Dr. Darryl G. Hart
Dr. E. Brooks Holifield
Dr. Michael Horton
Dr. David Layman
Dr. Peter J. Leithart
Dr. W. Bradford Littlejohn
Rev. Rich W. Lusk
Dr. Keith Mathison
Rev. John C. Miller
Dr. Nick Needham
Dr. Mark Noll
Dr. Alan P.F. Sell
Dr. Leigh Eric Schmidt
Dr. Augustine Thompson, O.P.
Dr. Theodore Trost
Dr. Charles Yrigoyen, Jr.