Volume Three Published!

The long awaited volume 3 in the Mercersburg Theology Study Series was published in January, 2017. It contains Philp Schaff’s book, The Protestant Principle as well as he essay “What is Church History?” The volume also contains Charles Hodge’s review of The Protestant Principle.

In his forward to the volume, Leigh Eric Schmidt says of Schaff, he “offered his new American comrades a more encompassing understanding of church history – one that he hoped would free evangelical Protestantism of both is riotous anti-Catholicism and its naive biblical primitivism.” Instead Shaff offered Protestants in America a vision of themselves “as organically related to the entire flow of church history, not in ruptured opposition to all things Catholic. Shaff’s vision of evolving union, discerned especially through a more comprehensive knowledge of church history, flew in the face of American Protestantism’s fiery war on popery and earned him the notoriety of a heresy charge. He was vindicated, but the allegation highlighted the stakes involved in Schaff’s historical enterprise.”

For information on purchasing this volume, see here.

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